Imagine provides free, year-round grief support for children, families, and communities.

Imagine is not therapy – but a safe place for children and families to build resiliency and cope with loss in healthy ways.

What can I expect at Imagine?

At Imagine we believe that no child should have to grieve alone. You will find a community of caring people who together create a safe, hospitable, clinically sound environment for mutual support, healing and growth. 

Imagine offers peer grief support services to youth age 3-18 and young adults 18-30. Concurrent support groups are provided for parents, guardians and other adults.

Get a glimpse of the Imagine experience:

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How do we grieve?

When we lose someone or something we love or value we grieve. Grief is a natural response to any type of loss. The key to how well we do after a loss is called mourning. And that’s why Imagine exists. To provide a place to mourn together in a safe supportive environment.

Often, it helps to see how others approach grieving. Our blog shares perspectives on grieving.

Learning about grief

Learning skills to cope with grief can help individuals and families heal and slowly begin the process of recovering from a loss. 

Imagine provides grief education to schools, community organizations, workplaces and individuals to create Good Mourning Communities where all those coping with loss get the support and understanding they need.